Resistance Training Band – The Portable and Cost Effective Solution

Resistance training has long been preached as the best way to lose weight, build muscle, and sculpt your body. It’s not just possibly the best way, but it’s also the most space and cost effective way as well. This article explores how resistance training bands can save you money and space when building a home gym, as well as how the work outs differ between free weights and resistance bands. After reading this article there should be no doubt in your mind that resistance bands are the way to go for your exercise equipment purchase.

Equipment Cost and space requirements

When buying home fitness equipment cost and space almost always have to factor into the equation. Unless money is no object, and you’ve specifically built that home gym room into your new house you have to think about it. Most home gym machines have a pretty big foot print, meaning it’s tough to hide them or work them into your home decor. Having a room dedicated to a workout room is usually ideal.

How ever when you’re home workout routine uses resistance training bands you can usually fit everything you use into a nice small nylon bag for storage after you’ve used it. The cost factor isn’t even comparable, most exercise band sets cost as little as 1/10th the amount of a home gym or free weights.

Portability of fitness equipment

Having a workout system that’s portable isn’t a requirement for everybody. Those of us that might travel for our jobs, or spend a lot of time on vacation or at the cottage might appreciate this feature though.

Resistance bands are small to carry around, and even if you have particular attachments you use for workouts they should all fit snugly into a small space. Some sets come with their own carrying case, and make it even easier to bring your exercise equipment on the road with you. Of course in comparison you’re not taking that clunky home gym or free weights along any where. They’re just to cumbersome and heavy.

Unique form of working out

Something I haven’t yet mentioned in this article but should be talked about is the difference in workouts you get when you do resistance training versus free weights. When lifting with bar bells or dumb bells you only get the work out when lifting, pulling or pushing. This builds the muscle, but it’s not as full of a workout as you might receive when using resistance training bands.

Resistance training gives you resistance both ways when performing an exercise. This isn’t for every exercise and muscle group but it is definitely something unique to using exercise bands to workout with instead of your conventional free weight or home gym machine.

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